Friendly Care Cleaning Services

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Friendly Care Cleaning Services is established in 2018 and an effective company for maintaining your complete building environment in accordance with your instructions whilst having full regard for legal and quality requirements. There now exists a legal obligation for persons in control of the building and equipment to ensure it is maintained in accordance with required and desired standards, and that the documentary evidence to support this is one site and up to date, We will at your request attend your site and implement our Maintainance Services system. This system ensures compliance with Workplace Health and safety Regulations,UAE Standards and legal requirements. The primary objective of this system is designed to relieve the customer of all maintainance concerns,allowing more focus to be directed on higher priorities and core buisness issues. The customer will have peace of mind knowing that competent persons are carrying out their services to agreed programs and standars. This will ensure that the equipment is performing to agreed Key Performance Indicators.

Why choose us?

 Single point of contact for all calls and invoices.
 Prompt response to all urgent, breakdown and routine calls.
 Maintaining building ventilation equipment in a condition that is safe, relaible and efficient.
 Enhancing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.
 Reducing potential for legal or non-conformance action.
 Increased time to address core business activities.
 Reduced costs


The Friendly Care Team is dedicated to the idea that every client is a long term relationship. Our mission is to provide an environment that is clean, safe, and an enhancement to the work day. Always act fairly, ethically and honestly in dealing with our employees, customers and vendors in all situations.

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