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AC Duct cleaning

Your HVAC unit’s duct system is continuously working to keep you comfortable. But all of that air circulation will result in the buildup of dirt, dust and, potentially, mold and other harmful bacteria. This can adversely impact not only your comfort but overall health as well. AC cleaning services are an absolute must when living in Dubai, where we have more summer months than winter months. We all require AC cleaning at least twice a year to make sure that our air conditioners are running at their full capacity. By doing so, not only can you improve cooling, but also cut down your electricity bills significantly. What’s more, an unmaintained AC unit can also case diseases, which makes it all the more important to book an AC cleaning service through ServiceMarket regularly.

We carefully follow industry guidelines to ensure the work is done right! If you feel that your duct system needs cleaning just contact Friendly Care Cleaning Services Dubai. After whole process finish we will furnish completion report with Pre and Post cleaning pictures and a certificate stating the cleaning date AC duct system and the next leaning date